4 Speeds Cat’s Meow Undercover Mouse Cat Toy Electronic Interactive Kitten Pet Play Toy

Kuiji - This motorised cat toy will help to stop your cat clawing and scratching your furniture. Easy to use: no complicated and difficult to use methods, medium, then press the central button to set the speed: slow, just need to install the wand into the motor, fast or random, let's keep your cat entertained with this clever moving toy.

Power: 3 * aa battery, do not immerse the cat's toy in water, DC 4. 5vnot included, just need to wipe it with a clean, moist towel and dry thoroughly. 4 speed settings, slip clutch to protect gears. Helps to stop clawing and scratching, fun exercise for cats of all ages. Specifications: material: tear resistant nylon + ABS Colour: Yellow Cover Diameter: 57.

4 Speeds Cat's Meow Undercover Mouse Cat Toy Electronic Interactive Kitten Pet Play Toy - 8cm/ 22. 63inch motor diameter: 20cm/ 7. 87inch motor height: 8cm/ 3. 15inch wand Length: 26. 5cm/ 1043inch target: suitable for cats of all ages note: if the cat toy stop working after playing for a long time, it will start running again, having fun! Package inclus: 1 set x Cat Electric Toy 1x electric motor, tricks cats into believing there's a mouse under the canvas cover, 1 x durable cover + 1 x mouse wand 1 x Manual Simulate mouse tail: motorised mouse tail wand swings back and forth under the yellow canvas, please just reset it, and they won't be able to resist the urge to try and catch it! The interactive toy for cat is great for keeping cats active.

4 different speeds: slow, fast and random, the moving wand changes directions and speeds randomly to keep your cat's attention and keep them on their toes, great for cats of all ages.

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SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy

Quaker Pet Group 32013 - Smartykat hot pursuit cat toy concealed Motion Toy Electronic toy replicates the movements of hidden Prey with moving lights and erratically moving wand under durable fabric. All smarty kat products are tested to child safety standards and come with our satisfaction. Toy is not designed to run continually and Should be turned off after cat is finished playing.

Two speeds let you customize the action. Plastic wand with ribbons and plush toy is more durable than most Feather wands. Moving lights and erratic motion fascinates cats and encourages healthy activity through play. Replacement wands available.

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