‘Attach ‘n’ Scratch’ Damage-Free Wall & Surface-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post Olive

Sofa-Scratcher #ad - Encourages positive, healthy scratching behavior for your cats or kittens. Don't discourage it and don't ever, declaw! Scratching is great for exercise and stretching, ever, for relieving stress or boredom, and for marking territory. And with nine different neutral colors available, matching or accenting the décor of any room is never a problem.

Attach 'n' scratch is the exception to that rule! With a slim profile that hangs on the wall out of the way, it blends in rather than standing out. You decide how tall it should be, but if reinforcement or an alternative hanging method is needed, not us! The included damage-free wall-hanging strips are strong enough to hold up to some aggressive scratching, standard wall-hanging hardware is also included.

Product details: dimensions assembled: 18" H x 6" W x 2" D Weight: 2 Lbs. It can be extremely pleasure-inducing and it's also the natural way to condition and promote healthy nails. Hang at any height or angle and on most flat surfaces walls, furniture, appliances. Can't decide what wall to put it on? Maybe you want to take your furbaby on the road? No problem.

'Attach 'n' Scratch' Damage-Free Wall & Surface-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post Olive #ad - Damage-free hanging strips allow for easy mounting, removal and relocation! Their colors don't match with anything and they stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of a room, just waiting to be tripped on or knocked over. A good scratcher is tall enough for a cat to get a full stretch and flex, which is also why Attach 'n' Scratch is the perfect solution.

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Jungle-Stripe Lounge - Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Catit 52417 #ad - Corrugated scratching surface. 19. 5 inches wide. The catit style scratching Board provides your cat with a corrugated scratching surface, while helping to protect your furniture from claw damage. A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, the Catit Style Scratching Board is a modern twist on conventional scratchers.

Jungle-Stripe Lounge - Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip #ad - It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy. Catnip included. Lounge, jungle print designed cat scratcher. Helps protect furniture from claw damage. Catnip is included and by using the Catit Style Scratching Board, you are helping your cat stay active and healthy.

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