Evanger’S Super Premium Seafood & Caviar Dinner Cat Food, Case Of 24

Not Kosher. Salmon, chicken, poultry liver and caviar fresh from the market will make any cat run for this dinner. With its rich deep color bursting with flavor, it'll soon be a favorite! for nearly 70 years, evanger's has been producing award winning products at the Complete Dinner.

Evanger's Grain Free, All Natural Dog / Cat Food Variety Box - 2 of Each Flavor 16 Total Cans - 8 Flavors Chicken, Beef, Buffalo, Rabbit, Duck, Quail, Pork and Wild Salmon 6-Ounce Each

Holistic, preservatives, all natural formula - Grain Free without Fillers, or Artificial Colors. Great for Both Cats and Dogs!6-ounce each - 2 of each Flavor 16 Total Cans. Evanger's grain free, all natural dog / cat food variety pack - 8 flavors chicken, beef, pork, all natural pet food 8 flavor variety pack - great for both your dog and your cat! suitable for all life stages! You'll Receive: - 2 Chicken, - 2 Pork, and, duck, - 2 Wild Salmon Each can is 6-Ounce 16 Total Cans Made in the USA! Evanger's grain free, - 2 Duck, - 2 Quail, rabbit, - 2 Beef, Buffalo, quail, - 2 Rabbit, - 2 Buffalo, and Wild Salmon.

Made in the USA.

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