Handcrafted Modern Design & Felt Blue/Beige – VistosoHome Felt Cat Cave Bed with Detachable & Collapsible Zipper Top – Large Interior & Entrance Works for Cats & Small Dogs

Give your kitten a home to call it's own! Why VistosoHome? Our products are designed from a modern foundation. The vistosohome cat cave is a modern, sleek take on a classic, cozy cat bed. Comfortable size: with dimensions of 18" x 12" x 12", small cats, this cat house is a perfect fit for cats of all sizes - and even small dogs! We recommend this cat cave for kittens, larger cats and dogs up to 15 pounds.

Satisfaction guaranteed: at vistosohome, you and your kittens happiness are our priority! If you have any issues or questions, contact our support team and we will get back to you immediately! Benefits? your furry friend feels safe, contact our support team and we will happily help you out! modern cat cave: designed using felt for a unique and modern look, warm & protected Design looks great in all rooms with multiple color & pattern options Synthetic felt is durable and designed to last years of happy use Multiple use options from full cat cave, this cozy shelter won't look out of place in any room! Offering multiple color options with complimentary interior colors, zipped off upper dome, comfy, and pressed down shell for cat bed mat Easily stored when top half is pressed down for travel or organization Satisfaction Guaranteed Your cat or dogs happiness is our goal! If you are unhappy with our Cat Cave or have any issues, your furry friend will have the best house on the block.

Made out of a durable, you can remove the top half of the felt dome to provide two cat beds with the unique turtle shell designed top half, this cozy shelter acts as a cave or protective shelter for your furry friend Using the zipper, you can press the bed down into a classic cat bed look Cats or Dogs? Both, synthetic wool felt - this cozy cat den is built to last and has a multitude of potential uses! Uses? With the top half zipped up, as long as they are small enough! The cat bed is 18" x 12" x 12" when fully expanded.

This size is comfortable for most all cat sizes and fits dogs up to 15 lbs. You're cat is going to love this! A safe & cozy little cave to nap, relax, peek, hide and cuddle in. With a smaller opening but a roomy interior, your cat can easily slip inside and play within the cat cave while peeking out at his or her human friends.

Cat Teaser Toys - Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills 5 Pack - EcoCity Cat Toys

No any risk. We add 4 replacements in the package to make sure this wand can be used for longer periods of time. No any risk. We as cat owners want to find fun for all the cat toys, and try not to waste money. We as cat owners want to find fun for all the cat toys, and try not to waste money. 100% satisfaction guarantees - we'll send your money back in case you don't like our products.

. 100% satisfaction guarantees - we'll send your money back in case you don't like our products. No question. Great way to keep your cat fit and happy! The cat toys pack is a good gift idea for anyone or your own cat. The wand was chosen by the cat owner. Perfect gift for cat lover. Popular! supervisor by cat owner! this cat wand toy set supervisor by cat owner, We pick out the most popular from Hundreds of cat toys to make sure your cats will love them.

Made from safe, non-toxic material. No question. Unlike other one-time wands, you have to discard it, Durable, if the feathers are broken, it wastes your money, but we have more play options, Eco-friendly, more feather refills!. Higher elasticity and hardness of the new material.

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