SUNFACE River Rock Stepping Stones Pavers Outdoor for Garden, Set of 6 Hexagon

Compaction to avoid cracking and collapse Clean Clean the surface of the stepping stone with a wet cloth or sponge that has been screwed dry to expose the stone. Blending and stirring mixing and stirring the adhesive with water to form a powder-free, uniform paste After the stirring is completed, let stand for 10 minutes, and stir evenly before use.

Clean the adhesive once when it is semi-dry, and then clean it for the second time after it is completely dry. River rock stepping stones pavers outdoor for Garden, Set of 6 Construction preparation Before construction, water should be used to wet the stepping stones and clean up the ground. Construction spread the mixed adhesive evenly on the stepping stone and be careful not to leave the bottom of the gap empty.

River stone stepping Stones are a unique and functional decoration for your yard or garden. Stepping stones have a water-resistant, PVC backing that allows soil to settle between stones. This set of 6 circular mats is covered with smooth polished stones that are comfortable to walk on. Easily installation. Makes a great home decor gift for the lawn or garden.


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Set of 3 - Collections Etc Limestone Rock Stepping Stones

Made of stone and limestone. Limestone rock stepping stones - Set Of 3DescriptionBeautifully colored limestone rocks are arranged perfectly in these stunning garden stepping stones. Set includes three 10" Diameter stepping stones. Great face tattoos for adults or wear as a wrist tattoo, non-toxic materials.

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